New Forum Plugin Added

guys 10 or more of you should react to my message so i can test

If it becomes hard to obtain likes, we can just lessen the requirement to increase trust level.

makes sense to me
the message is missleading

Hehe this is actually really neat.

I agree it is, That is what the plugin developer set it as, I may be able to change it in the future but Id have to check. It also says you ran out of reactions but Im pretty sure everyone has unlimited amount. its just the frequency of the use of them.

add other funny forum plugins i wanna see the funnies

what happens when you autoclick like.
(it stacks the message)
you can see the overlay color difference

Are likes still limited? Because I swear you can give hearts to people while on max likes (I did that earlier), but they don’t ping them like any other reaction (ghost reaction?). I am unsure if others can see them or if they still count towards the user’s statistics.

Is it forum breaking? If not i won’t worry about it

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They also still give the max daily likesreactions pop-up when giving and removing it, instead of only when giving them (doesn’t remove the like).

i found how to do funnies

    • de
          • r

            • List item

Im unsure if this is actually a limiter for a daily amount or just a cooldown. If you ever do get a countdown thats greater than like 24 hours or such Post it here or message me, But I think the message is misleading as it should just be a cooldown for the frequency of use.

spam prevention (its only a minute)

As plain text:

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look even @Cryonical likes the idea plssssss

he likes pretty much everything

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