New Forum Plugin Added

A new forum plugin was added that allows you to react to posts instead of just liking it.

You just need to hover over the current like Icon and it will be expanded. More icons can be added in the future but Ill leave that to the admins of the forums to decide.

@admins @Forum_Admin

If you don’t want notifications for the reacts, you can go into your preferences to disable notifications from likes and that should stop reacts as well.


how do it


(Dislike option when)

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edit: ok i tried using this on phone, it seems like you gotta press and hold the like icon, then click the reaction you want

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I feel like it’s a little unneeded

We have emojis that people do use a lot and for “reactions” we can use polls, also there isn’t enough reactions to react with in the first place

This is revolutionary if this gets expanded on we’ll finally be able to spell out “Sex” with the new plugin

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so do these count as likes?

now add a :thong_sandal: and a :clown_face: emoji

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Pretty nifty addition headless!


I was wondering if in the future we could like and react at the same time


Great addition to the forums, any plans on having badges related to receiving certain reactions or having a high amount of reactions on posts? Similar to how you can get badges for liking a lot or having a lot of likes.

is this facebook

yes we can

Reactions really isn’t suppose to be used for polling, its suppose to give insight into what people are actually thinking about for a specific reply/topic.

Likes just give a one-dimensional take on a reply and it could mean many things, from them hating the topic or laughing at it, or loving it. Its why I think this feature would potentially be better. Albeit if it becomes a disaster we can remove it with a click of a button.

Most of the plugins added to the site are pre-made by other developers, we just add them, so we don’t have much control over interacting with other features.

It has great potential, but do you think we could get a bigger range of reactions? That would be very useful

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There would be no point to this as Liking is basically a reaction. If you intend to like something use the like icon.

If you read the topic, that is up to the admins to decide what should be added.

first person to get the new badge ez ez ez

You’re the most recent person to get it, Rayman was the first

oh bruh

top 5 then :triumph: