New Greek - Hot or Cold?

Hey :wave:

Lately, I’ve been trying to develop my characters so they will be more fun and interesting for me. One might be a New Greek.

Question though: Are these people so tough that they can stand the cold :cold_face:


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seeing how white is artic… they’re cold

it’d be cold yeah
probably not as bad as the snowfolk areas but it’d still be very cold

That’s interesting then. I’m excited to see how that place will turn out. Seeing as the buildings are made with white marble and it’s a white environment.

Can’t wait to see how it turns out good luck on your drawings

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Oh thank you! :grin:

I have some ideas already but also want to wait for my pen to get here.

Or they have hairy chests? :flushed:

damn mfs got fucking camouflage

Well, i think WoM will be closed for NSFW content if greek gets added.

oh crap, your right.

Ahhh you’re not wrong :rofl:

Don’t worry, the chest hair will cover the nips.

Hopefully, that is really the only nsfw part.

Perhaps New Greek is the New Yeti

The real reason why it’s NSFW is because men from greek didn’t wear clothing, just white towels to cover the lower parts, and women a white dress, which exposed the lower parts of their bodies, both didn’t wear shoes either which makes Greek a NSFW civilization

History can’t be NSFW because they have an exception. Like one time I saw a statue’s boobs on Disney Channel but it was okay because whoever was that statue died long time ago so they won’t get embarrassed

We should probably stop discussing that before someone makes a joke about dead peoples private parts or something.

i agree, it’s the best suggestion

They’re either in a place where it’s strangely hot and all the white is just cause of all the marble they put everywhere

…or they’re just new age pillarmen.

stupid idea, new greek men may have just used their magic to keep warm, why did i state that this was a stupid idea?
well, ice and snow magic exist

if the greeks get nips I’ll shoot myself with a shotgun round. (it fires more shotguns)