New Mobility Systems & Ranged Combat: What's it like?

This is a question to those who either have PvP experience or just are more knowledgeable. I remember this being an issue (to some extent for me) in past arcane games and I wanted to see people’s thoughts on the matter. After seeing some of the leaks I noticed that there is A LOT of mobility in AO (a good thing don’t get me wrong) so I grew a little concerned. Just for clarification, I’m talking about anything except high jumps as those aren’t something I’m concerned with.

Here’s my question: Are small and precise ranged attacks something that is viable or is it really difficult to land those attacks without proper prediction?

Any opinions are appreciated, especially if you think that mobility makes the combat more immersive & fun. :+1:

the combat doesnt revolve around m1s in the first place. you can probably use bows and gun m1s against npcs but with players u focus on using the weapon skills instead of m1s. its not just arrows and bullets that are hard to hit, normal weapon m1s are equally difficult to land

I think ranged attacks are always gonna be a decent option, yes its harder to hit than some weapon skills but imo its more rewarding if you become really good with timing and predicting your attacks

Interesting. A follow-up I would have then is if there Is a certain tell when it comes to predicting movements like dodges or is that something that isn’t really telegraphed?

ye the movement area is typically the same and they probably move the opposite direction you are

pretty sure blaze means by ranged weapon skills and not m1s like primal swipe, piercing gale, striking gale, etc.

I figured as much. I’m assuming they are decently scaled attacks then? Something you wouldn’t miss if you were off by a bit.

Just be the exiled :pray:


Please no. Not that. Anything but that creature.

they are pretty big

Glad to hear it, all this just makes me more hyped for AO


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You can predict dodges but they’re really fast so you gotta be a god to consistently punish them. I don’t PvP all that much so I can’t really comment on any tells other than just punishing whiffs

I mean given the viability of guns in one game (cough cough AR) I wouldn’t discount the possibility of literally just running away and spamming guns
of course that will only work if guns are like at least the speed of beam spells.

then again this game doesn’t quite have anything as runny away’y as a full zealous enchanted set… terrifying

Yea hopefully things like that aren’t too slow to make it easy to dodge.

the only problem is that ao has quite a lot more skill options than can catch up to or dodge them

As someone that uses dagger throw every then and there, you have to be good as hell to aim with this. It’s more of a punish tool than something you would use regularly. Haven’t messed around with axe and spear/trident throw as of recently but they still seem okay. Their biggest advantage over a skill with AoE is that they have a very small cd.


It seems like it might just be something you develop with experience then. Especially with predictions and knowing when is the right time to punish

using larger attacks that are harder to dodge may be not as powerful as the small option, but the damage will build up and eventually they will fall

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