New POI For Mt. Caesar

New POI For Mt. Caesar
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We all know Mt. Caesar isn’t exactly the most interesting of mountains - you got your two paths, one secret, a couple of chests, and that’s pretty much it. Thus:

Nero Arena

The Meat

Essentially, it would just be a large arena situated in the mountainside, a small hub for more combat-focused quests and an area to “train”.
Also, Vetex could loredump about Ravenna more there.

Example Quests

The Hungry Trainees

“Our last food delivery was supposed to arrive yesterday, but we’ve had not even a whiff of it yet. Might you have some sustenance to offer?”
Cook 1,000 Hunger worth of food

A Busy Champion

“I’ve been focusing a bit too much on training recently, and neglected to bounty hunt… could you go clear off some bounties for me?”
Complete 3 Bounties

Tournament Arc

“You look like a promising candidate… Want to sign up?”
Defeat your opponent x3
First Enemy: Lvl 100 Bronze Legion guy
Second Enemy: Lvl 140
Third Enemy: Lvl 200

Absent Ensign

“He’s had to have repaired his gear by now… Hey, could you go grab him?”
Find and retrieve Aulus Bronze


yknow I kinda like this.

at least we get something for the mountain

(still wonder why the braindead nobles didn’t build rich person land on it, like come on you idiots that shits peak strategical land not to mention you can separate rich from the poor better by making it a hike up to the rich guys)


Why the frick not?

finally, ways to make the giant sad anthill actually interesting

oh yeah, you also get a much closer arena as well, great!


this sounds great, i think it’d be cool and it wouldn’t be too hard to add to the top of the mountain either if the mountain is basically already there

anything please just anything the entire island is so cool yet its only used for 4 story parts and thrown away instantly

You could make it connected to Poseidon as well, either intentionally or unintentionally. Since his shrine is on the island, the trainees (Meat Morsels hehe) feel more powerful after they drink some of the shrines holy water, or take a swim in it, which is why they’re able to push themselves so hard. They could know about Poseidon’s power and intentionally chose the mountain for that purpose, or it was a coincidence that allowed them to be more powerful.

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Good quests

Ah, seems like you’re confusing Mt. Caesar with Mt. Orthrys - Mt. Caesar is the giant anthill smack in the middle of Ravenna, though more stuff for Orthrys would be nice as well

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Ahh, mb. Still a nice suggestion though, i can get behind it!

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bro i originally thought it was for orthrys too :skull:
(still epic suggestion tho, both the anthill and mt.orthrys need some content, orthrys is literally my favourite place because of the scenery and layout but it really does need some more content, maybe animals?)


100% yes

The arena should have already been there cuz of the greek aspect. Would like to see some gladiators, too.

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