New rare and Exotic Spells

Lets add some cool spells so the gameplay feel more diverse.

Magic Bomb: (250 magic)
Remember that Phoenix Blast that explodes when in contact with anything and does a burst, in the battle of Theos? Id like to call it Magic Bomb.
Does .5 of the damage of a Blast, but explodes with a big Aoe.
ULTIMATE ART: same damage as a Blast

Magic Shield (90 Magic)
Holds a shield made of pure magic energy, that blocks up to Three projectiles, negating the damage

Eaising combination ( 90 magic 90 melee )
Kicks the target to the air, jumping him for another kick while he is going up, kicking downward, dealing 1.5 seconds of Stun.


Volley, target a location for a blast to be shot at that location from a random direction.

Wave, allows liquid magics to summon large waves like natural tsunamis.

Yes! please make mages even stronger and more flexible!

Seriously, this would be a neat addition after weapons and fighting styles get buffed or magic gets nerfed.

Except magic shield which just sounds broken.

magic shield was a thing in AA and will most likely make a come back tho

they werent that powerful iirc, probably even weaker than normal shield ( unless you’re using water to block fire or smt )

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Yeah but the way Sunfell put it kinda shocked me I guess.

yeah complete immunity to 3 attacks is way too much, even for a rare/spell

Pulsar but with no endlag and 100000000000000000000000x faster and 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x more damage

if magic shield is added it’ll probably use clash rates to defend instead of automatically tanking

rare spell

magic requirement: 200

description: allows the user to fire a medium range, low damage projectile, that after a certain distance, or hitting a surface, transforms into a floating panel made of magic energy instead of exploding. this panel will redirect blasts, shots, and any other type of projectile used by the caster towards the enemy, the more uses the panel has, the smaller the panel gets, making it harder to hit.

Overall, trapeze spell is a good spell for applying pressure to an enemy by allowing for redirecting your attacks into their direction, it could also be a good trick tool, and it sounds pretty fun to use in general.

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I would try to make one but I’m dumb

Pulser: Rare spell
Unlock: Requires pulsar (for meme), 200 magic

Amount: 1-5
Pulses: 1-5
Options: Blast

Description: Fires a slow, compressed sphere of your magic that becomes unstable on contact.

Shoot a small ball/blast that when it hits something it does 1-5 explosions at that location. Area denial tool that doesn’t move. Can fire multiple balls for more spread. Lower damage with more amount and more pulses.

I mean if someone uses a multi hit sheild can break instantly and damage the opponent. Also you can’t move whilst using this. Long cooldown plus continous magic energy drain.

Sure I’ll join the fun.

Reap (I know, edgy) (300 magic): summons a scythe in the player’s hand instead of a magic circle and swings it , dealing not too much damage but also slightly heals the user.
(Yes I took this one from a different game)

Aura type: rage: raises the user’s damage output and attack speed, but also raises damage taken.

Pulsar ultimate art: makes the enemy’s heart pulse at 1000x speed and die instantly.

Lost Spell: Phase

The User temporarily phases into magic, disassembling and reappearing at another location, a mimicry of the power of a curse user, it is incredibly taxing on regular mages

(300 Magic)

In Game: A short range teleport that is usable by all magics. The speed, distance and invulnerability frames of the teleport depend on magic type, with light phase being much alike Calvus’ own teleport ability.

It’s meant to be for utility, and for balance reasons would either need a large cooldown, or a larger energy cost.

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lore implications pls…??

Magic Bomb = Placed explosion

Rupture: (200 magic.)

Works similar to snare, gabbing a target before creating a magic circle inside of the target, resulting in a small but powerful blast originating from inside the target’s body.

Total annihilation:
Conjure a massive amount of our magic energy into a massive sphere above your character and compress it very slowly until the sphere is small enough to fit into your hand. Then release all of the compressed magic energy to completely demolish any signs of life in the vicinity.

5x the damage of the basic blast
Explosion size would be the size of Rubica in ravenna

I still am rooting for trapeze spell

either really broken or really sucks tbh

either its fast enough that you can nuke people before they can do anything or they barrage you to death before you can even charge up