New spell or unique spells ideas (and punch attacks maybe?)

Well, i need to give credit to Finn he did gave the ideas on his post for a unique magic spell for each magic, i think this is an incredible idea and that would take time i do know that maybe like 2-2 and a half months but it would make the game more unique i have 5 spells that would be unique for each magic here are some examples for Light, Ink, Earth, Electricity and Plasma

Plasma Punch: not the same as the first spell we get this would be the first punch and kick attack of A.O this would make the player into a plasma aura that buffs the player and makes its hits harder and makes a knockback effect to the player your attacking

Ink Shield: this would make a sphere surrounding the player, it would drain magic and if you move a lot of stamina, its pretty straight forward and if the player attacking you gets close it would push them back (a bit)

Earth tentacles: this would be a bit of a weird spell, well the spell is that the player would punch on the ground and make like tentacles that would attack, it would be from 3-7 tentacles depending on how many you choose, it would do a new effect called ‘‘sting’’ that would drain health or magic or stamina

Sun Shine: this attack would blind the players and drain they’re magic, it can also do a heat effect that would drain health (this sounds really op but it isn’t, it would be just a bit of spell a bit more magic and blindness)

Electricity Whip: it would form a large whip of electricity and you would start doing circles doing like a spinning top hurting the players that are close

these are completely different and hopefully can get into the game, not this ones but unique spells, thx again Finn the rat!!

Big V has said that he doesn’t want to make any unique spells for magics. (maybe expect lost or primordial?)

didn’t knew that, welp i do hope now that he is listening to us a bit more now thx to A.O he is maybe considering it?

He won’t, magic is not having any type of overhaul in this sense.

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