New sub-categories for the Art category

As the title implies, we have added two new sub-categories which are:

The reason for these new categories?

We thought that using tags might be confusing for new users or that they might be thought of as ‘underwhelming,’ so we decided to add these two new categories for ‘hot’ types of art.

We plan to add more diverse art-related categories such as modelling or map-making if the number of modellers and map-makers increases.

Having said this, happy viewing!

NOTE: Since our Head Administrator @Headless is busy, it’ll take a while to connect the new categories to the #fan-art channel of the Discord Server.


Nice :nod:

New poggers




wtf is happening

Same thing happened to me :skull:

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Writing category is still better

@cryo @liu @jubileeeeeeee
If you happen to get a ping but you’re confused on why, I recommend you to read this post by unadinvelikl including others that came to this post and asked why this is happening.

no, i know exactly what happened and why lol

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