New tags for the Art category

As said in the title, new tags have been added to the Art category!

This means that the artists will now be able to ‘categorise’ their artworks to make it easier for the forum’s users to find what they want.

The tags that were added are:

  • ao
  • wom
  • aa
  • as
  • track
  • collab
  • comics

Have fun using these tags to search for that specific artwork that you want to admire again! (or listen to!)


Will be unpinned after 7 days.

Finally some more organization in the Art category!
My daily routine of chucking hearts at pretty things can now be organized!


Arcane Adventures, Arcane Odyssey, World of Magic and Adventure Story art? POG!

what on earth is this word

I’m trying my best

I don’t know how to spell sentance

i dont do art but poggers


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shut your face hole >:(

rage and mald

!!! cryigm and shaking

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yes good. cry me an ocean of tears

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ok but… can we get tag for art in off topic though

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