New Teasers March 24th 2021

I’m surprised that he’s made animations for something as simple as naming your ship

I’m guessing without the gamepass, only these colors will be available

Can we also appreciate how good looking that last photo is? with the nice lighting, and the wilderness islands in the background

Missclicks all-round.


you are really fast

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Vetex: posts literally anything in dev updates

Alvonotte, on the forum literally 2 seconds later:


There’s gonna be that one day when Vetex posts teasers at like 4AM my time and someone will hijack the teaser posts

that was fast lmao

wilderness islands looking pretty neat

TFW the 6 top are the only ones that are free

cant have the ocean looking like a rainbow

not for free anyways

they small

the hell does this mean

the islands are small

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Probably something to do with parties? Or maybe you’ll be able to assign players in-game as temporary co-captains who can manage your ship and cannons, and sail it freely without getting into trouble?

Could also be something completely cosmetic as well.

yeah fr tho what did i really need to elaborate on
they small

i thought you were replying to the other comment lmao

well fuck

It looks like a small Island chain or an archipelago, I’m sure there will be much bigger wilderness islands soon

It’s just wilderness islands to fill out the ocean… There’s no reason for them to be big, we all know that overextended filler of land is not good for gameplay, it was a mistake WoM did.

WoM was just trees, so like


Damn, that look goood :poggers2:

Mostly because of the way the game looks.