New users

Pretty much yeah.

Flooded reminders a few times. Made awful suggestions. Had the reading comprehension of a 8 year old.

Classic forum stuff

I wish to see that car crash of a user 2nd handedly, I’d rather not get a 1st hand taste of such a situation.

Probably won’t be amusing to most though.

yeah fr i hate new users

Can I retract my statements?

Hold up where’s their suspension notice

why you linking me smh

6 minutes read recently, waiting for another reminders apocalypse

Either that or the very short time between then and now has been cause for growth and I will welcome them back to the forums with open arms

Oh shoot sorry lol meant to link a post from user4 but just copy pasted as soon as I got the the page

cant wait to run out of hearts and suggestions votes in 2 seconds

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eh i don’t see a problem with younger players here because the likelyhood is they are smart enough to not only figure out how to make an account on here, and if they got help ok, but most younger kids don’t really like RPG’s or at least arn’t interested for a while

Yeah I wonder about it.

Pretty sure the veterans have stayed throughout the community these past years, they just dwell in testers chat

there’s a good chance i wont see the old forumers as often anymore, so that’s a bit sad

i have terrible memory ( 5 years of secondary school and remember like 5 people ) so hopefully i wont forget you people too soon

Chats for special role people are always dead.

Never had one so I don’t know for a fact. I remember back in 2017 vetex there was a “ps4 owner” role which was a light pink color. You got it if you owned a PS4 with proof and access to a PS4 chat which was dead as hell. Idk the reason, but other than the old kudos role I never got anything else.

The forum has at least 2 chats closed to other players and at least 1 of them is completely dead.

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Oh I was talking about the discord

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Oh, lol.