Next Sea name guesses

what’s the next sea called?

it was said on patreon not telling u tho

not even in DM??? :frsob: :cry:

What I will say about it: It isn’t related to any metals or material.

it’s okay I don’t want to see too much of AO

that’s what makes the game even more fun

getting to find out all of this stuff for myself

the thousands of leaks in my folders ready to be sent:

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leaf sea

patreon or public


I don’t think I should see any more I feel like I’m cheating the community.

(I only saw 2 patreon leaks in DMs not gonna share them tho)

I’ll just stick with public leaks


Yeah, what I said was just a joke. hmu if the voices take control

wood sea

that’s a material

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wind sea

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Getting closer, but this is as much as I will reply with whether you’re right or wrong

Gale sea
Zephyr sea

Those are my two guesses

As a Patron, can confirm it’s called the Oddysea


Flame Sea
Scorched Sea
Frost Sea
Grand Navy Base of Operations™️ Sea

i’m betting on something like stormy or tempest sea, maybe even just windy