Next Sea name guesses

could it be…?

the OLEG syndrome is spreading…?

Well then I guess I will say the sea is infact called the tempest sea, it totally is

Tf you talking about dude? It’s the Etrean Sea :roll_eyes:

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someone just told me in dms that they’re a patron and it’s called tempest sea

I thought you didn’t have discord at all

I finally got it fixed

now are they correct

Actually I do think Gale sea sounds a bit better than tempest

Doodie fart poop shit



Wait what did I miss?

ye nimbus sea

patreons try not to gatekeep challenge

nimbussy (sorry)

Wasn’t me :man_shrugging:

Nimbus sea

Man stfu.

Little do they know.

They already know it’s not that sorry