Ngl acid kinda p o g

A while ago, I created a young man named Regis baron, Regis was an acid wizard.

I leveled him up, and at first I didn’t believe acid was a very good magic…

Now regis has 34 or something player kills and a full pvp viable set of wizard robes and armor.

Also he even has a sick looking vanity setup lol

Acid is actually super damn good.

Here’s what I learned from it:

  • puddles are great for me, terrible for the opponent

  • clears some stuff

  • scary good DOT

  • amazing synergies

  • looks refreshing

  • decent speed

  • fun to troll with

  • actually decent impact damage

not if PvPing someone on a plain or the targeted player knows how to parkour across structures, then the puddles are put to naught

Ok but I still have dot and good bid


Acid pro gamer B)

Ngl magma is kinda the internet explorer version of acid lol it’s just s l o w e r

what are you implying by Magma being an “Internet Explorer” variant of Poison

Magma and poison are two completely different magics lol

variant and version are synonyms

Oops I meant version

poison cooler

no one really cares about 19 damage

not that much

you better not drink that

its low

As an Acid 2nd filer, Acid is mostly under the radar. It works well on fighting. Just think. You see the Exiled 100m away.
I usually use a 20 blast, this creates a bunch of puddles. Now I can also use 1 blasts to soak him in Acid effects and then smash him with Spears and Oathkeepers.
It’s perfect.

Go back to Z- poison acid way cooler

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I do what I want

There’s been so many moments puddles have saved me my guy, also you can kill exiled as a saint rep with them lol

146 damage is low ??? (Not including DoT)

Only thing I can agree with here, hey, at least its something.

can you share a bit with me then

i dont know what builds youre using but 146 is definetely not good damage, even on a good build its 168

Damn I just found out my gear isn’t maxed out in upgrades rip

delete this

magma is better because I use it

it can be a decent finisher, kinda helps keep hp low and reduce healing