NickyZ1's unending thread of builds

i have decided that until the moment of my death, i will make builds based on anime/videogames/whatever and post them here

the rules for each build is simple:

  • it must be at least somewhat accurate
  • i must max it out
  • i must kill at least 10 people with each build before deleting it

with that in mind, the first build will be Queen of Hatred from Lobotomy Corp

  • build specifics
    Speed, Agility and Power

  • character specifics
    Name: Love Persson (In the name of Love)
    Hairstyle (we don’t have fades in AO)

will send the full drip when she is done

QoH in question

Insanity thread :pensive:

May I wish you luck upon your journey. Finding proper pvp gear will be the hardest part of grinding newer files :confused:

Caseoh build

must have

Size and smallest amount of agility possible (This means negative agility)

Iron leg for the weight

and metal magic (iron) because its very heavy

🍔CASEOH ZONEWARS 2369-9742-3982 by ryger77 - Fortnite

update on the QoH drip situation

She has seen things

female heir of negative emotion

not even that

she’s just

the noblewoman of extremely faint disappointment


the blud has spoken.

zoro would not be to hard.

katana (with flying phoenix), dual swords, and a dagger for that one time in Wano

durag, sailors shirt thingy, boots, missing eye (post skip face pre skip outfit)