Nimbus Sea & Easter Patch Notes (Discussion Thread)

I’ll post it here as well

easter staff??
vetex is going to add event weapons now?
nvm :frpensive:


Worthy punishment for missing a hit

I don’t even think that seared actually refreshes because when I tested it it only did the synergy for 1 hit then the 3rd hit


I hope its won’t look like a toy. We are litteraly in The War Seas. Pls, just not pink bunny\egg stick.

if anything i hope it has particles

It doesn’t feel much different to me :person_shrugging:


looking at this page makes me immdiately want to play ao cya

Thank you for the info!

imma be real with you, event weapons will (for a good reason) never happen

PvP just became p2w

infinite money generator

not even close to what it is, but yeah its really weird that it costs robux to be in Elysium.

ngl 300 robux for 10 hours is WILD, it should be for a month like a normal roblox vip server

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I’m going to be completely honest, but this just seems to be flat-out greedy to me.


300 Robux just for a bigger arena, yeah no thanks