Nimbus Sea & Easter Patch Notes (Discussion Thread)

Continued from RFAO (Part 3):

Vetex has come out of the planning phase and the first few patch notes for Nimbus Sea has been released!

This is a post mainly created not just for the newest patch notes, but also for any future Nimbus Sea discussions going forward, cause there’s definitely gonna be a lot and may take longer than Dark Sea to release. So buckle up, this is gonna be a long ride yall.


I wonder if rivals are tied to universal max lvl or to character’s max, cause if they are tied to universal max, then we will have to face lvl 280 rivals

i can’t wait to have to now spawn at nimbus sea, go to the first sea, be at mount orthrys and then try to go somewhere if i wanna help my friends or farm a first sea boss, this is gonna be awesome :)))))

the ship minmaxers are gonna go wild when we get the next level of ship parts from the nimbus chests and I am all for it (im praying I can get to 40k hp on my brig :pray:)

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RAM POWER (complete this thing)

i wonder how in lore that works, i assume ur characters in universe have to go through dark sea, wont that make them to go through insanity 5?

this situation is probably comparable to crossing a river between 2 islands of water

No all of the seas are directly connected, it’s why Mount Orthys is at the top of Nimbus

Can’t wait to see criminals with 4 magics, a lost magic, 3 fighting styles and 2 rare weapons


I’m glad that there is a prompt to teleport to the nimbus sea rather than it taking you there. That was one of the ideas I had about preventing people who are lost in the dark sea from suddenly just being taken away and losing all their sealed chests.

Maybe Sealed Chests will save (probably not)

Well boys it’s official, NPC ships will have 2nd awakening enemies.

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shit it would go hard if the nimbus sea dropped and we can just sail around forever LOL

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90-260? Damn that sounds good. Along with the sealed chest changes it will be worth fighting them

I’m mean it makes enough sense, nimbus sea isn’t gonna be ENTIRELY complete this next update but it’s likely gonna be ending at that level then

I can now cope for a 175 cap with more heart and soul, knowing there’s no way Vetex will expect us to fight level 250+ captains while being 100 levels below them

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Captains are so damn hard. I mean if I’m caught off guard I still die to a fortified captain


im guessing either the lv cap will be 250 or up to 265 then ( since the max lv of pirate rn is 120 ( accoeding to the wiki ) and our current max lv is 125 )

lvl cap = story
and i heared that we will get to ~165 in this update, so like 40 levels.

250 is sea max, just like bronze has 120

“Cant wait to sail back from the nimbus, past 2 othrys to help my freidn in bronze sea :)”

A) im sure you will spawn at ravenna if you go from nimubs there
B) Server select:

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