Nimbus sea is OUT!

Now that the Nimbus Sea Update is out, I now ask the age old question:

As a filthy Warlock (100 Magic & 150 Strength iirc), where do I put my stat points? Would it be worth putting all 22 points in Vitality? If not, where between Magic and Strength?

Sorry if this question sounds stupid, I’m just so scared of repeating what I did to my Warrior (who was previously a Conjurer) onto my Warlock.

I personally went 110/162 for my sailornaut

Alright, thx for that!

Idk if it would make any significant difference but a little more power’s better than static power at all.

Well that was easy

I think it’s because Morden didn’t want to absorb the death curse and become a curse user, but had no other choice in order to keep Calvus from reaching it.
My headcanon is that Morden is either in denial that he is now cursed, or that he is actively trying to resist the urge to go berserk with death. Him putting on more layers, including a shroud and a jacket could also be him trying to keep that power “locked away” as much as possible.

You are probably right about that. Even when with his most trusted friends, the people that he actually shows the power of the curse to, he doesn’t actually say that he is cursed. He stops himself, and even then he referred to it as a separate thing from himself. He also doesn’t answer the question about him being cursed, choosing to only give his name instead (although that could easily be to attract less attention to himself)

What appears to be happening is that Morden’s struggles throughout the story will be him accepting himself and not being scared of what he has become. I’m glad that it seems to be going this way, because it’s much more interesting that him turning on us.

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I’m a little late, but I got you covered

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what do you gain from 160? higher tiers?

For juggernaut, nothing really outside of rushdown and shockwave for your 2nd style but the extra energy feels nice