Nimbus Sea Map Idea

bro leap IS a movement spell :sob:

or Thermo Fist because it originated from Sameria

Given its vague similarity to a ziggurat I’m going to assume it’ll either be some form of dungeon as a homage to kairo or an important location to the storyline

we got geoguessing in AO before Wardens

I was about to ask, do you think that the Nimbus Sea will have another quest where you can learn Thermo Fist, due to “a large majority of people on Sameria using it”? Same goes for other styles aswell.

There was also sometime about fighting Style Tiers, so Thermo fist might get its second Tier at Sameria near the end of the Nimbus storyline.

Give ideas if you have some!


so y’know how we dont have an arena confirmed yet in Nimbus Sea?

Maybe the monastary is going to be an areana?

probably not, but it also bring the question of other islands we’ll get.

I’m betting on the islands we get:

  1. Story Island #1
  2. Sameria
  3. Random Wilderness island
  4. Another Wilderness Island
  5. Mt arthritis
  6. A Navy Base
  7. An Assaisn base or hideout
  8. An Arena

Maybe the bases are gonna be camps on Sameria? (that would be cool), but I think that the factions will both get a spawn. If not added, it would make arenas exclusive to Bronze sea, until update that adds it, which I don’t see happening.
Another Island would make the place feel more alive, and give another place for clans to claim, however I think that most nimbus sea claimable islands will come out with clan building.


agility 200+ t jump

Not a reflex, that’s just the agility changes

stay in school bro, you need the education…

Honestly I wasn’t too far off.

I’m glad its not linear but the oythrs cutoff is odd on the map

Yeah, although it’s probably for the better (considering how unoptimized the game is already)

Somewhere during the 1 year time skip from the bronze sea to the nimbus sea Captain Maria used her chain harpoon to pick up the other half of the mountain and use it to squish all the other islands in the nimbus sea

The other half you see in the bronze sea servers is a mirage