Nimbus Sea Traitor Theory

So you know when Morden says this?
Everybody else turned except for Hakeem

Now this may sound crazy but Hakeem is the traitor mark my words. Because he didn’t turn as in he already knows that Morden has the Curse.

could you explain pls?

or he’s just not surprised or impressed by it because he has his own curse


Hakeem used his secret technique known as “Fraudsense”


Its a theory that one of the generals in Samaria are working with the order.

He may have some extremely powerful curse

i sincerely thank you for explaining your idea to me, good sire

I mean Vetex introducing to us all these Generals would make me think that atleast one of them has an ulterior motive. I think it could be likely, but I’m leaning more towards the High Lord being from Skyhall, because that’s where the player is going and more importantly,

Skyhall believes that they are superior to “seabloods.” It makes full sense that a magic purist such as the mages of Skyhall would wish to fulfill the Order’s goal of unleashing old power, and improving magic as a whole.

A - vetex forgot
B - he gives zero shits
C - hes not suprised
those are the three most likely explanations

Red herring, bro fell asleep when Morden said that for the exact duration of the sentence.

He woke up and assumed morden had just said something really stupid

woulda been funny if he turned later after seeing everyone else turned

I think if the General turns out to be a traitor, it would be one of the three motives:

(1) He does know about the order, and has actually been working for them.

1a. Maybe he has been working for them for a long time, and holds significant power and influence.

1b. OR he only started working for them recently because the order threatened him with smth.

(2) He does know about the order, BUT instead opposes them, and uses the war to do it. And maybe earn some profits along the way.

2a. He might be using the war to lure the order out to destroy them.

2b. OR he thinks Keraxe is part of the order and plans to destroy it.

(3) He doesn’t know about the order, and is maybe disattisfied with Empress Nilah’s rule. Probably even considering usurping the throne and destroying Keraxe.

Have you ever noticed on Akeems gear there is a purple crystal on it might be probable that Akeem is a ruthless oracle and is seeing as ruthless spirit energy is purple which seems like a red flag tbh plus Khalida is also an oracle who I think I once saw a blue crystal on once I’m not sure though

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No, he’s a Curse User, not a Spirit Weap User. You could tell by the eyes, theyre of unnatural color, as Curse Users would have the same eye color as their curse if they had it for a while.

these theories r crazy bad that it’s funny bruh

When and where was it confirmed that curse users eye couloirs correlate to their curse?

one of the trello patchnotes, Julian used to have green eyes, it was then changed to white/pale-ish to match his glass curse

Morden also had his eyes turn from brown to black iirc, tho it can be pretty hard to tell cause they’re pretty similar

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William Afton is toy chica type timing

Oh ok thanks for that info