Nimona's Lego Game Insanity Thread!

So I’m testing my general time comparison so far from run 3 to run 4, and run 4 is at six hours so far when run 3 took about 9:30 hours. The new strategy is FAST. What I’m focused on is this new strategy I’m working up for maximum speed and potential.

Just gotta pray it’ll work.

(check the video to see my channel, where you can see my developing mindset in action!)

Also, I am amazed I started out as “speed through the main story and then do everything else.” Doing it as “everything you can” is much easier.


I’m finally no longer doing only LEGO stuff, I’m doing some Arcane Odyssey permadeath stuff (Check my channel if you want to see :3 )

But, I’m going to not reveal strategies here for speedruns, since I like gatekeeping the weirdest, most niche stuff. Instead, I’ll ask questions, show bugs, rant about the games.

Still an insanity thread :smiley:

Nah just make you puke, coming from experience as a tictac fiend

it instead made me cry btw! So you were WRONG.

So there’s some stuff.

Apparently there’s this one bug that happens in the final level of the second movie.

On my fourth run, I noticed that if any characters that have a shovel, torch on story mode hit the Thuggee with the needed sword, the sword just goes to the backrooms.

I mean it. Disappears. check the video, it LEAVES. It goes, fades, says “sayonara.”

Buggy speedruns :3

So I am losing my mind.

3-2, a level that has TWO RNG SPOTS, has a 50% chance for both. So for best efficiency, you have a 25% chance to get what you need.

Now imagine your doing glitchless and this one RNG spot. THIS ONE SPOT halts you for an extra seven minutes.

I am going to eat my PC, I swear…