Nimona's Lego Game Insanity Thread!

CONTEXT: This is a thread of me playing LEGO games, talking about LEGO games, showing bugs, asking for help if I genuinely cannot figure out how to do something, LEGO RELATED STUFF!

I’m a LEGO fan, in case you couldn’t tell.

In fact…

I’m currently doing run 3! Just 97 left. Yeah, I’m having fun.


I’m doing it in release date order!

Also if anyone wants to know about speedrunning LEGO games, ask me, I’ve speedrun them a LOT.

Will update this repeatedly, like the feral creature I am!


ALRIGHT I was just informed of the lovely speedrun tactic of doing the entire game’s playthrough and then doing extra stuff, like minikits, and true adventurer or Jedi or whatever it is.

Also, if anyone’s curious, I do record and put my gameplay on youtube, so if anyone wants to see my stupidity, I’ll gladly give it to them!

Also, along with 100%, I’ve heard there’s an entire type of speedrun not talked about enough where you try to get the literal cap amount of treasure. I’ve done it twice, but I’m not sure if I should continue doing it or not.

If anyone here has any tips please tell me I need them :sob:
also no I’m not doing Nimbus right now, I got banned for talking about mushrooms on pizza.

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I am a magical being istg.

I forgot two bugs that are only on the fifth mission on the third movie.

Become the box.

There’s also- not really a bug, more just precise movement, where you can stand on top of the peak another box is by? Not sure if that could count as a glitcch.

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So apparently the world record speedrun is at 2 hours, 43 minutes. That’s 100%. Now someone PLEASE explain how I can even shorten my runs to less than 5 because I have 97 runs left for this lego game alone and I don’t have the mental capacity for it–

Sorry for the dump, but seriously, I’m losing my mind.

become a cartoon character and then drink 10 cups of coffee for ftl speed

I have sprite tictacs, no coffee. Do you think if I down an entire pack, it’ll have the same effect?

yes but you’ll also have the consequence of suddenly crashing from the sugar while smoke pours out of your ears

I’m actually going to try one of these hold on!

Okay… first thought: Lemon medicine.

It simulates Lysol in the way it exists in your mouth but tastes like half of the formula for “Lemon-Lime Soda Drink”. Not sprite.

Just Drink.

It’s activating both my gag reflex and is so slightly fizzy it feels like I’m frothing at the mouth.

My hands, as damaged as they are, are struggling with typing while this is in my mouth.

This tastes like acid reflux but it comes from my tongue instead of my insides.

You know meat sizzling on the grill? Add lemon shavings.

I finally bit and it tastes like rotten lemons. The crunch makes the fizzy overstimulating.

I think I just ate pilled form of asbestos.

I just spent hours calculating and doing the math on how to speedrun an open world LEGO game. But I’m about 8 games away from that. I regret my life choices.

It has been a minute!

So basically, there’s this fun bug in only ONE PART of Lego Indiana Jones, movie one, on the final level. You hit this annoying bug, in one room. You NEED to hook up a second controller or person here in my experience. It was fine on the first run, but it didn’t on this second run. Confusion!

CONTEXT: Picture taken from my video on my channel where I upload my insanity.

So you have to move this thing across the path, go up a ramp to jump on it, but there’s one thats the same below, which means you need to go on both, like buttons. But when you on one, the AI follows you and doesn’t go on the other.

So everytime. I have to hook up my keyboard and do this. EVERYTIME.

I regret my life choices.

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how did you clone mr jones

Geico powers, Sock.

Geico powers :3

Alright, past 50% on my final run (only doing 3, because 100 is just too many.) and then I’m doing my speedrun attempt!!

I will post the speedrun attempt here, on this thread, because I get three total attempts and then I’m done with Lego: Indiana Jones! Should amount to sub ten runs!

Alright!! I am currently stop on 99% because I don’t have enough treasure to get the final treasure multiplier red parcels!

I forgot I hated this game :3

I’m done. Lego Indiana Jones inflation couldn’t contain me…

Three UNOFFICIAL speedruns now! I’m not timing myself, but I’m completing 100% of the game in one sitting. Three times. I don’t want the glory, nor do I want to set up the timer, so it is unofficial. The video is my timer.

Will add when I finish my first speedrun!