and im MAD

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Tf is this bullshit bro?? This looks like a shittier version of the modern cartoons on cartoon network

Now this is textbook definition of corporate crime

im having a hard time finding who asked

Mii’s are still a thing k
check the entire trailer you dummy

they got a body change in a way though

Yet those things dont even look like if they were part of the Sports series
they look like your crappy average toddler game

IF MATT DOESNT LOOK LIKE MATT IMMA RAGE :fr: :fr: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If Matt isnt on the game we’ll riot

Who asked? Pure red-blooded Americans, enlightened thinkers, and the children around the globe who still have a brain. The Mii characters are an iconic edition to Nintendo games and to have this replace it is a crime against humanity itself. Look in the eyes of these soulless creatures as they stare into your soul like demons.

Look at these cute, nostalgic creatures right here

Exhibit A:

Now those are characters you can enjoy, love, and cherish. Now look at the others

Exhibit B:

Evil! Burn it up!!!

I don’t care if the characters are integrated :imp: Have you seen what Roblox has done to its website! This is how it all starts. Soon, the marketers at Nintendo would want to push these characters even more; getting rid of the popular Miis. I say we march to Nintendo right now!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::triumph:

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rip bozo

matt is life matt is love WE NEED MATT

Dead inside

Is this your first time hating nintendo for extremely unpopular choices that everyone obviously would hate and does it anyways?
Welcome to the club

Wii are going to riot.



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oh my god who the fuck cares if these new guys look like this
seriously why are yall overreacting so much
this isnt the end of the world or the start of world war three
cant yall just fucking deal with it

seriously am i the only person in the entire world who tolerates these new dudes?