No magic circle on explosion magic bug?

What were you doing before the bug occurred: * I was just casting magic as an explosion then I made a max explosion/ max size Blast and for some reason, the magic circle doesn’t appear? idk if this is intentional or not*

Steps to reproduce: Make a max size/ explosion blast for explosion magic and use right hand throw animation

F9 Logs ( press f9 to view them in-game): nothing happened in the logs

Pictures/Videos: 2021-10-17 09-38-21

You’re just a more powerful wizard than the rest of us :sunglasses:

explosion curse confirmed :flushed:

and I thought I ran WoM nicely, mans over here blasting spells left and right at like 80 FPS on max graphics.

not every casting style has a magic circle. it becomes visible when actually casting
besides, i swear i saw a magic circle while charging in your video :frsleepin: look at the second to last blast you did. you can see the magic circle

oh well im fucking stupid, i should probably just delete the topic now ig

:joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

who does bug reports now when vetex is making a different game

It’s called a revamp

they are basicaly making a different game.


Still basically a different game lol, the vastness of the changes are too significant for it not to be. It’s really only a revamp in name.

Your name is exactly what I’d say back to you.

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