Noble Phantasm Member BEGS To Not Get Hunted | Arcane Odyssey

ain’t no way players like this actually exist

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noble bait no.idk

Players like this don’t exist. This entire video is fake. The people in this video aren’t real. This forum isn’t real. We aren’t real. Wake up, lucky_303.

You are in a virtual reality social experiment. Everything you know is a lie. Arcane Odyssey doesn’t exist.

dies of death

You must listen to us lucky_303, we are rebel scientists who want to free you from your simulation chamber and you must escape to learn the truth

I got to watch this unfold live from patreon chat. The beef was real.

Wake up Noble phantasm never existed wake up

this is just like bloons tower defense

istg some people be thinking ao pvp is the pinnacle of life itself

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every pvp montage

Losing with knight and looking ways to complain is crazy

Challenge for next noble post: Dont respond lol

noble phantasm hunted? just like how the player hunts the ravennan noble elius?
this is literally a reference to arcane odyssey

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This is cool but how much will one theoretically get paid in exotic scrolls if they were to kill 100 low levels in under a week? He may or may not be getting mad grease from the black market to do this.

(They sell the organs and body parts of low levels, each for differing prices)

Noble bait
Yes I’m closing obvious noble bait for now on