Noble Phantasm Waifu Ideas Needed

(I may or may not regret posting this)

Alright. Looking at the Pole with the Azure Chan Waifu it’s obvious who’s going to win. I want ya’lls recommendations on what I should add to Nobles Waifu and how I should Draw this one considering last time I uh- failed with Azure. I’m open to ideas such as Hair, Pose, Weapon, whatever. Any recommendation will be used if their good and I shall spend 6 or more hours on it for you guys.
(Oh yea, also expect a future Oblivious Wizard coming out maybe sometime in the future after this Waifu)
Also, I’m not stopping until I make 10 Waifus- LOOKING AT YOU BRAZIL.

Just make her saber lmao

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Make it a trap. Or catgirl.

Actually just draw FieryTide

Azure Chan?

While this is a devious necrobump i must say this post is disappointing and we never got to see whatNoble Chan looks like.