Nonsensical NPC Blocking and Parrying

So for some reason, the NPCs in the game can bullshit parry and block whenever they want to, even in the middle of them attacking or preparing an attack with no animation or penalty applying to them if they do.

Yeah I seriously don’t understand it… if they only blocked when not attacking that would be one thing but it happens all the time
Might as well just double their HP and let us to full damage to them all the time

Oh man, i sure love my 20 multiblast/multishot attack, i just hope that npcs won’t parry it literally everytime i use it

(seriously why is this a thing, the vulnerability and lack of AoE already makes the 20 hit option useless in pvp)

I know man it absolutely butchers my multi hit too. If, on the rare ocassions it works, I can hit it, I don’t even think it does enough damage to warrant being blocked. It’s like 100 more than my basic blast.

Yeah it’s pretty dissatisfying to have what feels like 80% of your attacks be rendered ineffective. When it comes to blocking bosses basically have 0 openings, it feels like they can block in the middle of attacks or animations or whenever they feel like it

I remember reading that the reason they do this is to stop some glitch from happening? Still think its bs, let me do my damage normally game

This is actually the worse.

Like yeah if they blocked after they used a move fine but these fuckers block/parry mid move, like during their animations. Definitely not fun to go up against.

It’s kind of like WoM where npcs were able to activate several 20-blast spells at the same time, really.

Bro has better reflexes than the flash

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