Noob warlord in dire need of a sensei

Hello, I am a level 80 noob warlord. I don’t know why I am so bad at the game, but I am unable to kill general argon despite 10+ tries. I really want a sensei who can teach me how to get good at the game and roleplay and what not. My username is arnlatk just like it says here so feel free to friend me if you want to help.

im a warlock so i just used magic, but i would recommend using ranged weapons so you can dash away and then hit him from across the room when he attacks. iirc his attacks are pretty close range, so you don’t want to get too close

Thanks. Wanna be my sensei? I have no difficulty beating him with a gun but I ran outta bullets so.

sure ig i’ll join you when i’m on

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