Noooo I got called gay on the internet



imagine blowing money for that.

and you know for a fact this the kind of dude to say “broke boys be quiet” whenever someone calls him out on his tomfoolery. like yeah ik I’m broke you wanna give me shit? :sob:

It was the best 100 robux I ever spent (plus its only 1 dollar and I had it spare)


so yeah, cry about it :yawning_face:


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ay is that hte hit song north by kanye west

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We do a little trolling

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idk why that was worth 400 robux.

also why is that an insult?

He just wanted to talk everyone is gay :man_shrugging:


dude posted a modified SS (shultzstaffel, look it up) logo with the colors of superstraight, so i’d imagine he’s not exactly an lgbt rights activist lol

100 robux, and its an insult yes

You are correct my good friend

are you the same guy from yesterday?

if he is then this guy sounds like a blast at parties

imagine going to parties smh!!!

What happened yesterday

someone raided the forums with a bunch of far right opinions on multiple accounts yesterday

Congrats. You’re offically a member of the internet