[ Note 📜 ] Taryn's Fate

To whoever is reading this letter, I am glad you found my remains… I never expected to be alive from that encounter against him, he was stronger than I thought, my king told he would be a piece of cake… but that was a lie… He destroyed my entire fleet of vessels in one swipe, I never knew I’d see such power like that, it was scary. Once we reached the shore of that crooked island, there were few of us… We had hundreds of soldiers and yet there were 10 of us that survived.

This island was crooked, empty… Like a wasteland… We walked through hundreds or maybe thousands of gravestones, it sent chills in my body… Though we were not prepared for what we are about to face inside that cathedral… This person looked like he had been through hundreds of wars, his eyes quickly glaring at our souls. Once I blinked, he disappeared from our sight just for him to emerge from the ground out of nowhere and sweep my men.

I tried fighting back but my attacks did nothing, what was it? What kind of power did he have? Everytime I swung my sword at him, it passed through him… Feeling all muddy and sticky… My mind couldn’t comprehend what it was as I started running to the nearest safe place here, we were destined to die here… Are we? But now… Here I am inside of this lonely cave… I don’t think I have enough time left… My visions are starting to blur out… I guess this is it for me… Oh mighty Taryn…

Something half-assed that I wrote ig.


how we love reading incredibly deep lore about lego people

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