NOTICE: Another victim has fallen into the depths of the forum

Ello I’m SyraHaze, I like to draw, animate, write stuff, and punch people (in-game…?)

Today I discovered the forums!!!1! :money_mouth_face:

After like… 9 months of playing the game… damn.


if you draw a relatively-good looking female in Art (you need proof of 3 drawings or smth btw), you will get people acting weird (its hilarious)
also @Derp or who does it now do the thing

yess… I’ll keep that in mind…

aloha, welcome to the forums m8

this man. give him artist role.

hey, this is off topic but do you remember this

oh shit

WELCOME TO THE FORUMS! its hell here
(ive been playing for 8 months)

how do you feel about this

can you like stop please
the dramas over now, i got over it i need a peaceful dayon the forums

what drama :sob: :sob: i jus thought it was funny

the drama between maria and whoever it was idk

whos that

wait youre off suspension?


damn i was lookin at nero that way :sob: :sob:

as u can see theres a gap between my activity

Hello, and welcome to the Arcane Odyssey Forum! Hope you have a nice day!