So can we just talk about Notoriety in Nimbus for a second? I’ve had so many weird occurrences with it…

A: Level 150 NPC coming after me from Notoriety 1
B: 2 “forces inbound” messages at once??? Do I have to deal with double the forces now??
C: Resetting my notoriety and THEN GETTING FORCES INBOUND???

the last 2 are probably due to a lag spike or ping, but the first one… why? If you think it was from a ship or something, I joined the server, went in a cave and went on discord/youtube for a while, came back to a level 150 NPC attacking me

Also if you have over notoriety 3, DO NOT JOIN NIMBUS. I swear navy in nimbus are impossible to deal with.

just wait till the navy ships appear without warning

Oh yeah, another BS moment, a server shut down with NO WARNING TEXT at the top of the screen, making me combat log while fighting a “friend” who recently betrayed me, my brother log while in dark sea, losing ~25 dark sealeds, and my friend log too. I’ve gotten confirmation that there was no text, as me, my brother, my friend, my enemy, and another friend ALL didn’t see the non-existent warning text.

That was the second time I had combat logged that day (first time was from internet), I lost ~80,000 bounty and ~500 galleons

And don’t get me started on my sealed & acrimony luck

also rushdown literally dont hit anything

like, the move lands, but absolutely no damage (not counting the pathetic 28 damage that is dealt upon landing the hit)

Ikr, grabs just breaking in the middle of them is so annoying, especially against high-damage people that can punish a grab being dropped and if you weren’t expecting it or using the grab time to reposition

Can’t wait for the 6th sea where you spawn in with notoriety 1 and look up and see helicopters airdropping level 5,000 legendary beast atlanteans

Also about my sealed/acrimony luck, let me just sum it up real quick

~35 sealeds with luck 2, ended up getting
1 armored
1 dense
1 tempered
1 ardent
1 warship I think

meanwhile my friend opened 7 chests with NO luck and got
1 brisk (brisk≈armored)
1 tempered
1 ardent
1 other thing that I forgot but was ≈ dense

pretty much 28 chests and luck 2 on the initial 7 + the 28 gives me 1 warship scroll over him

also I’ve opened probably 8000 chests and gotten no acrimony meanwhile people are getting 2 from one dark sea island :melting_face:

I can’t even tell if I have that kind of luck because my last 3 dark sealed chest runs have ended in roblox crashes/pc bluescreen :face_holding_back_tears:

why does every post in this topic have a :sob: reaction I just realized

hah im switching my main game to pilgrammed

Honestly W, sadly due to the sunk cost fallacy I cannot stop playing this game :x:

We’re going back to AR

everyone’s honest reaction

waht did you just edit?

No, idek what happened it flickered like a glitch on my screen too

just realised that im witnessing how 2 polar opposites interact in an single topic

i like that the topic turned from the problems of notoriety to little chat

Anyways I can’t wait for last sea notoriety five which will be Grand Navy Skygalleons filled with 5,000 tonnes of gunpowder dropping tactical bleeding potions to spawn 500 white eyes around your ship, and then kamikaze-ing into you from a cruising altitude of 60,000 feet