:robotic sob:

arcane oddities

what the hell is going on in here?

This is truly a tears of the odyssey

You struggle with the level 220 and beyond Commanders? Sounds like a skilll issue to me

This thread is too peak, I’m literally sobbing rn!!

Literal :sob:

what is with all the sob reactions guys

Nah it’s not that bad unless I’m laggy, I beat 2 level 200 atlanteans at once yesterday in I3

Also UPDATE!!! I did another dark sea run, so did @Cryonical , we both used luck 3

  • 50 dark sealeds
  • Went to insanity 3
  • Mediocre islands
  • Opened a stupid amount of silver & gold chests
  • No scrolls from chests
  • 1 armored, 2 nimble, 1 hasty, 1 enhanced, 1 tempered from sealeds
  • 30 dark sealeds
  • Went to insanity 1
  • Found a huge crystal island (30+ Variscite & Kyanite) and a pirate treasure island
  • Opened a medium amount of silver & gold chests
  • Got a POWERFUL and BRISK scroll from chests
  • 1 armored and a ton more (I forgot)

I hate this game

the sob reactions…

@2brian has returned

So getting a level 150 NPC is about fair

at notoriety 5, you get like 2 brigs and 3 ketches worth of Navy

istg the scaling needs to be fixed. By the end of the game, you wont just be getting helicopter airdrops, but also the entire fleet of Pearl Harbor blocking your frikin escape

Screenshot 2024-05-17 8.48.17 AM

*changes reaction to sob


Hello, this is Spirit Airlines, taking off from Ohio this fine morning. Please prepare for takeoff.
The takeoff:

This is how spirit energy will be used next update

haha yep

:sob: what is bro cooking

This drives me insane. Swear on my life I’ve never had trouble landing rushdowns till recently.

I’m starting to miss the funny Iron Leg kick barrage.