NPC Merchant Playthrough Part 1 - In Which A Bored PvE Player Does The Most PvE Challenge Possible

I decided to try a challenge run, due to reaching max level before even doing Ravenna on cargo and treasure charts; I’m going to try to reach level 125 without doing the story at all (which I’m defining as everything after reaching Redwake, which I consider the tutorial. So, essentially, I fight 5 Jaw Pirates and then nothing more in terms of the story). I will also be trying not to lean on doing quests, especially ones which involve fighting. The bulk of my experience will be cargo and diving; I will essentially strive to simply be a very outgoing NPC merchant. I’m aware that this has been done (Forum user Bio’s “Saitama Challenge”) but. Um. This is different. Shh.

Wish Norman Manning good luck on his journey! It’s looking like a bright future ahead.



Most sane PvE player

good luck

doing no storyline challenge was hard at first but eventually it gets easier,

The peacekeeper shows up in the war seas and lives a new life as a merchant

Pve angel

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how about i suggest to you to the gaming platform steam

Vetex logged on, saw this post and said fuck you in particular

So I just have to do it before the update is what you’re saying

this adventure has now become a speedrun, good luck brother

If you don’t do it fast enough you will instead have to do it much slower

First Update

I’ve reached level 5 by carting a full boat over to Ravenna from Redwake. There’s something I thought would be a problem: until I talk to the chief, all of the starter quests at Redwake are locked; except for one…

It’s time to fish.

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