Npc somehow exists in 2 places at once

I doubt that bugs are planned to be fixed any time soon (if ever) so I’m just gonna leave this one informal.

I did a quest, and one dot is where it is uspposed to be. Right there I am. For some reason though, a second dot of the npc’s location showed up near Abandoned Arena. He shouldn’t be in 2 places at once so idk how this happened.

also the mofo went to sleep when i completed it ofc, I just need the crowns :skull:

pretty sure quest markers can stack due to a bug so that other marker is probably from another quest you did

also why is this in #bug-reports? you’re acting like wom is still being updated

idk just to add to the pile of broken things that will never be fixed

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I just saw somebody with something that seems to be speed hacks btw, like everything about them is normal but they’re walking unusually fast and only level 13 so not much room for agility, should I send it to a mod?

you tell me if you think this dude is legit or not

yes my bow aim sucks im working on it :skull:

he got a good gaming chair


Guy literally evaporated a dude into shadow, metal

fr bro

he’s o m n i p o t e n t

also nice wood magic :star_struck: :wood_magic_var1: :flushed:

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