NPC Surge?

Are NPCs able to use Surge? I wouldn’t know from this since I killed them right when they were using it (Plus my screen was full of fire vfx)
Also my game crashed while I was posting this, I love Roblox

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They don’t use rare spells/techniques/weapons yet, it’s just a normal spell named surge

that would be fucking terrifying to see
a npc using surge or pulsar

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Mutated Atlantean Lightning Surge

can’t wait to fight an ice mage atlantean that keeps spamming pulsar in the rain

I’m going to reveal that this picture is Admiral Adkin’s lore in his villain arc. He actually use surge spell (source: bro trust me)

Adkins being based as he is can do whatever the fuck he wants

I may have seen an atlantean using selino once, or it could have been them very slowly using m1s while slowly walking towards me.

Atlanteans can use them apparently, I remember encountering one while doing solo dark sea expeditions at range 4+