Npc's with any ranged weapon is a nightmare

Is it just me or after the update all npc’s with flintlocks and muskets are a pain to fight against.
They have perfect aim, almost no endlag and no start up, You can not know when they will attack and when they are attacking they will hit you perfectly resulting in you taking alot of damage.

always has been

the american npc

You can’t believe how pissed I get when I die to a gun bounty NPC. Thank god my rival is a mage

Speaking of this
I swear my rival has armor piercing
How is he doing 239 damage with a trident throw?
(That’s like a quarter of my hp)

do you have glass arcanium or something :sob:

I don’t exactly know how many hp I have without playing the game so that’s more 1/5 or 1/6 of my health

why do you have so little hp

No vitality?

did you delete every defence item you have as soon as you realised it dosent give regen anymore or smth? personally i went down on defence to about 500 (so i have 1500 HP) but i just plan to get regen scrolls after regen is fixed

You think 239 damage is a lot for your rival to be doing?
That’s weak

This is an example of a rival doing a lot of damage.

Your rival probably doesn’t even have power with that damage

bro you guys are complaining about 600 damage enemies while im already getting combo-ed by average pirates

god forbid you fight a ship captain now

i haent played nimbus update yet pls dont give me spoilers

they are way too strong sometimes, dont fight armored ships

I actually have a bit of a story for this one;

Okay, so—in the early days of AO, I was playing my Lightning Conjuror character. At this point I was between levels 20-40, and my build was absolutely atrocious. Anyways, I was just exploring then, trying to get some levels for the Stepstones quest. A pirate ship locked onto me as I passed Dawn Island, and I started to sail away. Before then, I’d had bad experiences with pirates; my first death as Kaden was to a captain in Palo Town.

Anyways, I sailed to Edward’s island and hopped off my ship there. From there, I was fighting the pirates’ entire crew. It took me like 15 entire minutes. All because the captain was using a musket. Honestly, this experience was the reason why I thought magic sucked SO BAD early on. Given how you freeze in place against an enemy with perfect aim, there was literally nothing I could do besides taking slow pot shots with my pistol.

Worst thing was that the captain and his ship DESPAWNED RIGHT BEFORE I COULD ACTUALLY KILL HIM AND LOOT THE SHIP.

the thing is, with magic you can take your time to charge shots to actually aim at the enemy, and charging them up also increases the damage
muskets and guns, are near instant, but only their skill lets you hover in the air

That really only helps when the NPC isn’t dealing upward of a fourth of your HP bar with one shot. They have aimbot too, so being in the air isn’t nearly the advantage it is against players.

Yea my Rival on a conjurer file is also a conjurer and that thing takes so damn long to take down, they can have like 3500 hp maybe more since he can use metal aura, and damage is also very high. I literally have to be a mile away otherwise I am cooked by his metal and rock magic…