Nubjacko's shop

Nubjacko's shop
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sunken iron helmet
Atla essence
Some legendary fish
Some gold fish
Some legendary gold fish
Some in scales, some still fresh
Multiload of enchantments (both tier 1 & 2)
Some seasonals, (too lazy to write it all, name it and i will try look for it, no shirt or pants, no headless or valk egg)

you have shoulder crows?

Most likely i do, but i have IRL problems showing up, so trading will get abt 4 days ltr. What u offering for it?

i can offer sunken iron pieces you don’t already got/ other halloween seasonals, i have a sunken staff too depending on how many you got

Only got one shoulder crow, any other things u want?

you online? i can go see


what?, well im online rn

join meeee

the mummy wrappings for shirt

i gtg for now, take care maybe msg a time you’ll be avaliable here and i maybe make it

oof sorry dont have mommy also no seasonal pants, or shirt

that’s ok we’ll have to see ingame for a better use of time