Nuke odyssey

I think the majority of ao community actually likes nuke odyssey and you know what thats fine :+1:

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Okay dokey whatever you say buddy

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baitUchiha is back

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Bre i come to a consensus that people actually like the way the game is rn and somehow im baiting :melting_face:

If you make multiple bait posts, you might get a reputation for baiting people, funny right?

The way you talk… any time i have my own opinion or call out bteam on there bs its “bait” yeah it is funny ig idk

Guys!!! I act like a 9 year old while complaining and now people call me bait!!! It’s OBVIOUSLY not because I act like a 9 year old, it’s because they love this meta!!!

Ur too comortable talking like that. I wasnt even complaining.


Name one scenario where I’ve lied thoe idk how this applies?

Id like a response from each of you since you want to be so critical of me.

you ‘baited’ too much now your opinions aren’t gonna be taken seriously :sweat_smile:

lol so everytime i have a differing opinion its bait that’s funny as if I can control how people can react :rofl:

what does nuke odyssey even mean

idk prolly sum to do with nukes :astonished:

i would eat a burger but…

If this refers to the size of attacks… Then ya I am enchanted with nuke odyssey!

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its fun ngl but i get bored of it fast like i havent really pvp’d on ao for like a week now its all good thoe. ill just play for the story line and wtever new content vetex adds

I dont even pvp! I just like big attack and magic circle go bigggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!

Seeing how fun and crazy uncapped WoM is!

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nice yeah i dont mind it tbh i like seeing it too the aosl posted the funniest clip of someone getting 1 tapped by a metal mage LOL the guy just sat there and watch this giant REALLY slow ult art move in his direction and didnt move a muscle just accepted his fate :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: