[OC] Savarian rogue bounty hunter

Savarian rogue bounty hunter, use sand magic. I’m planning on makin OC for each cultures.
Feedbacks are appreciated.


Character without the light and shadow.
edit : some detail are added later during the rendering

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Hhhhhhh so dynamic, we aspire

good art
i still waiting the drawing of my charater lel


that’s some hot design right there

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I will do it after exam.

yo that is sicc
very nice

Good fucking art :triumph: :ok_hand:

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Savarians just always the best.

Stop making fire art, make something where you can be criticized.

watch even their stickmen be amazing

wtf why is all ur art so good

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Bruh why do so many people have savarian sand user ocs, even im guilty lol

Still, beautiful art

This looks amazing af. The background the art-style MAGNIFIQUE!!

This is :b:ASED


How long it take to draw?