OC Talk: How would your OC preform in a battle against an Atlantean?

Inspired question by Abyss AU :>

How well would your OC’s preform against (any tier) of atlannteans, would they live to tell a story or would they suffer the consequences of trying or attempting to fight one?

My OC could prolly take down a few tiers of Atlanteans up to 2 - 3 tiers but anything above that is going to be highly risky since Veronica (My OC) has capabilities for being a conjurer (Flare Conjurer).

Though could die within a few hits, high power and high speed for low defense

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well i haven’t died to one yet so my odds are pretty good

judging by the fact ive never actually fought one head on… yeah, my main file is toast

Though, my other OC is a Dark Sea creature (not Atlantean), so maybe instead of fighting theyll have a nice chat over tea and a human meat charcuterie board

would get absolutely demolished by impossible attacks and parrys

Depends on the type of atlantean.
Lesser to fully mutated? Frightened, but claps.
Any of the beast tiers? Possibly loses, being paralyzed in fear and getting hit twice or so. Possibly throwing the fight over the panic.

Aritz Arcturus, mortified by the terrors of sailor stories about the Dark Sea.

depends on which OC specifically, since i have…probably 20+ if we count my AO files, too.

In that case…it would vary alot between each of them.

Lost to lesser mutated get low diffed
Mutated’s are a good 50/50 chance in a head-on battle
Anything beyond that most likely results in feeling for most scenarios

My third file’s occupation is supposedly beast hunter he was born to genocide those minorities :smiling_imp:


Minority Hunter Crimson

Yurima would either just vaporize em or do the ultimate Asian mother thing and yeet a zori sandal at them

It depends, young Jonathan would easily lose to a lesser mutant, adult Jonathan (mid 20’s) would be equal to our current in-game character (not the mc) strength so he would fare well against even a monstrous atlantean but not against a horde. Prime Jonathan (specifically 25-33 of age) would easily fend off a large horde or couple fleets, but he’s pretty lonely when he is at this age so he might succumb to insanity and transform into an Atlantean instead.

And then at the end of his story he is severely weakened from his original strength as he was cursed with leprosy (and other incurable physical injuries) but he is much more resolved and would not succumb to mental loss, ever. He can still get infected anyway.

he can probably take on up to a nightmarish atlantean, he’s a seven seas mage and they are just stronger than the War Sea’s avarage mage

Isn’t it the other way around?

no, the Seven Seas has stronger mages, but they are rare, while the War Seas has more avarage-strenght mages

to make it simple:
Seven Seas: 1 level 300 mage every 300 mages you look at
War Seas: 10 level 120 mages every 100 mages you look at

no, the war seas magic is more advanced, and we don’t have to get lucky with mutations for our losts and ancients, we’re better

you have to spend half your life looking for a scroll to have a chance for that scroll to be a good magic, while i will simply go through a traumatic event (happens every day in this World Of Magic) and i have a high chance of becoming a near god

Matthew and boyle VS martin in an epic final battle on the epicenter

artisan superweapon user and inferno life wood mage

Eh, that was mainly reserved to curse users and people with abnormally high magic potential like Theos

shes just an innocent snake girl who definitely did not eat the bodies of those shes defeated pls spare her ur honor :sob: