OC villain lore

This idea kinda just popped up tbh

So my Villain OC kinda just kills a lot of people. He’s ruthless, cunning and reckless, but I’ve never thought of a proper backstory and why he has such motivation. So the question is, do I give him a vague explanation (Pure evil) or make a backstory where his family got killed or smth (Sympathetic)

  • Sympathetic Villain
  • Pure Evil Villain

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why not both

The fact my character has over 23k npc kills due to in wom i used to be a absolute pure tyrant just killing anyond i see but now? I dunno

did it for the money :money_mouth_face:

sympathetic villains make me mad. Just make someone I can boo.

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uh guys the poll is stuck at 50/50 lol someone make a defining vote

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