Offering a Sunken Staff

1 Blasted Arcsphere
1 Atlantean Essence
2 Dark Sea Essentia
1 Prometheus Acrimony
1 Siren Bow

Total Galleon Value is 124000
I have either a dense or a clean one, take your pick.

A message to "him"

They had a third one.

Is this still availible, I’d be willing to trade tomorrow if that’s the case

Yes it is, I’m not sure when tomorrow is for you but I’m available around 5 to 6 hours later(5 to 6 pm my time)
Btw clean or dense

I didn’t realise that it was that early for you o. o

i’d be more than happy with a clean one, and if you’re available I could do the trade rn (it’s 10 pm here)

Sorry but I need my sleep, my timezone’s CST (US) and I just can’t stay up that late. how does around 8 am CST sound? (Unsure what time this would be for you)

Google says 8 am CST it 10 pm for me so I’m a bit unsure, but I’ll contact you if I can do the trade then.

I can middle man for this trade incase timezones get in the way

I have a sunken staff I can give him and I know you want the items so can just give you them for the staff back too

Mm that sounds nice ty, if he agrees of course.


The trade was originally to lure you here but maybe it wasn’t to your liking…

looks like I won’t be able to hold until 10pm

I’d be more than fine with this, timezones are wild

looks like the trade will have to be tomorrow cuz of my curfew

That’s understandable, have a good rest!

I didn’t even get his second one, the “third” was probably the “second” :sob::sob:

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