Offering Heavy WoJ for Mini Cauldrons

Offering Heavy WoJ for 4 Mini Cauldrons of these colors:


Disc: Duck #4449

gg ez

in school rn but i will see what i have :troll:

Bro I gotchu

the only mini cauldrons i have are the color of come :confused:

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still for trade? if not i missed it fuck.

I hate this post for some reason???

yes still for trade

Mini Cauldron with milk for all your Calcium needs

mini cauldrons are underrated :triumph::fist:

pretty sure mini cauldron was the last one i needed but i couldnt get it from chests for 2 days so i hold a grudge against it

the fishing ones were the worst ones i think you just had skill issue

i got the fishing ones faster than chest ones

the fishing one was the easiest, you just had to sit and click.

i did it when i was a noob at the game
i also was really unlucky, took me like 700 catches


for me the quest ones sucked the most and i hate crows as i nearly didnt get a healesses because i couldn’t get one from a quest.

I was missing a pumpkin

I really like the white cauldrons because they accurately represent the amount of raw fluid I produce per hour.

I applaud you