Oh dear god, someone is making my dream naruto game

really hyped about this.

honestly craziest part is that all this has been done in around 1-2 years.


Pretty cool, I think I remember seeing it early in dev but paid no mind due to it looking bad.

Glad to see it’s cool now, but I’m not gonna be hyped yet due to copyright stuff and possibility of cancellation.

Edit: AYO THIS VIDEO LONGER THAN I THOUGHT, I started writing after first fight ended and realized it went on longer

yeah it’s crazy how far it has come in like 2 years max lol

doesn’t seem like a thing that will actually happen, haven’t really seen fangames get taken down by bandai, and this game is completly free. so should be A OK.

oh yeah there’s many more video’s they always long as hell.

holy shit open world naruto game?

yeah really excited for it.

Shinobi Life 2:

Anyways I doubt it’ll be taken down but I’ll wait just in case

yeah because they are making fucking bank on it. this one is free, maybe some patreon exists, but that can easily just be said to be a patreon for helping the creator in general, rather than specifically for the game, just can’t give bonuses to patron’s

and even then, rell brothers went overboard with the copyright aversion, they easily could’ve stayed pretty on point with naruto.