Oh hell nah they kilt guild recruitment page

used to be my favorite category back in the day

not any new news, been like that for a few weeks

other than that rip

Who even checks this forum anymore lul

me and my ensemble of one follower

Bro I was gonna do a Cheeto Door Guardians recruitment

Strange, I could probably guess why it’s closed considering the state of the game,

but was there a specific reason for closing it?

maybe next time

It was most likely because the game ded and guilds are even dead-er, but it did close after crimson crescent’s 4th or 6th recruit post which you might want to know :thinking:

crimson crescent? you mean the guild that did not die

salvatore more gay

I’m sure with the information that infamy is being reset, there is no reason to keep guild-recruitment as a category, it may return with AO, who knows.

Among us. (The guild) coming soon to wom, we are coming soon, beware weaklings. We will take over suncru

Can confirm, SunCry is too mald to resist rn smh, we are all doomed


Any guild should have open recruiting anyways, you never know when a useful person will show up and join your guild.

:man_shrugging: (3 chars)