Oh yeah woo yeah

it’s averill and an oc lol

yea i have some story and stuff for them, but eh not gonna say anything about it for now

aside from this, I’ve made a few stuff on the side while I haven’t been here for a while too

there's averill in them

with trigno, romulus, sage, and spade in order

not averill content

trigno with a particular outfit combination

king david lol image

fun fact: this was supposed to be a pic where averill and ben (the oc) are chilling in a bar or some sort, but i’ve been fighting with making background and i lost (i gave up)

so yeah, back to something simpler for my art


Ben needs to work on his body posture fr

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gotta rub the salt into his height by fucking his posture up :relieved:

also i forgot to include this in the main post but i intended to draw this so i can print them out and shove them in my photo album

Whe he half asleep


my love

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i love this

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