Ok I'm not actually an Rb1 alt

Uhhhh so just in case Mimhere or Meta saw that ping im not actually an alt LMFAO



Don’t worry, you’re not the first that Rb1 has done this to :mariomug::+1:

this was totally worth making 2 unique topics over, how very interesting and totally an appreciated contribution to the forum!!


I was just making sure they would see this

no I am the god of this forum who everyone should know and worship

you’re boring misinput, i have never seen a comprehensible interesting statement from you!

ok but who asked

you play wom i dont think i want you to care

no, thank YOU for this appreciated contribution to the forum

i have never claimed to contribute much to the forum either, but at least its not this bad

I wasn’t gonna take my chances on some mod being stupid and not understanding it was a joke

ok midinput

Rb1 is framing people for being alts?

He could be you, he could be me!

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he could be vetex :dotted_line_face:

im pretty sure vetex is an alt of rb1 can we get him banned please

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I think RB1 is an alt of vetex :scream: :duck: :explosion_magic:

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