OK, what curse does this General Akeem guy have?

My guess is Storm, I’ve thought so for a while from techs hint

that’s true, but if someone was crazy they would still be called crazy even back then

Screenshot 2024-06-02 184322



Flare Curse

Pretty simple guys, Crimson got this right
Also this confirms purple flare variant ig


The insanity curse could be an experimental curse, which don’t have to have magic equivalents.

I thought that he was some vitality guy but if he has a curse I guess that poison would be a good bet

But the clue said he is the eye of Sameria, so what does poison magic have to do with eyes?

bro is clowning, mud magic isnt cannon anymore

Ik I was joking

No clue, I am personally more tilted towards him being a vitality build having some spirit weapon but if he really has a curse then I really don’t know what it could

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Check his eye color and check the poison magic color, thats all. Nun special