Okay here's the analysis topic

We’ve recently gotten a lot of new info on the trello. Obligatory analysis incoming.


This is probably the feature I’m most excited for out of everything. Randomly spawning minibosses which will be announced in the Agora before their spawn, and will drop unique weapons and other items. Lets see what the trello says.

And now for my points

  • Some minibosses will have ships. Unlike legendary ships however we can assume that these ships don’t serve as half the fight, and are instead just what the bosses have for the sake of having it.
  • Minibosses are the main way to get Spirit Weapons, which does sound like quite a bit of fun.
  • Finally Agora love
  • Dusk is pretty cool. Fancy name. Staff blessed by the night itself.
  • Evander, the one we’ve known about for slightly longer. Hopefully we can use him as an opportunity to see what the Thorne Empire is like.
  • ???, bit of a strange name. Same as with Evander, we get to see a bit of another kingdom. Staff blessed by Light itself. Also this means that crystal paladins will be officially winning.

Sea Wide Weather Events

Finally comprehendible AO weather.

  • Oh nice better weather
  • Whirlpools sound really annoying.
  • DS Tsunami sounds really cool.

The Dark Sea

Big one here. This might take a while.

  • Unique sea monsters cool, I’ll talk more about this later.
  • Atlantean sirens, bird fish women. what can go wrong. I like this, because it really shows how insanely horrific the Dark Sea is in lore.
  • Siren Alliance. Firstly I really hope the Lair isn’t too hard to find, especially as you’ll likely have to find it twice. Secondly, this is really cool and basically will allow you to gain a few free chests from earlier ranges, that will be nice. Thirdly please set a reminder to avoid the art category.
  • Dragons. Who doesn’t like dragons. I desperately hope they’re programmed with preset movement patterns. Mutated dragons sound really cool, especially the horrific idea of a dragon just rotting apart I mean imagine what we can do with Abyss Sea.
  • Ritual. Yeah this is cool. I literally have nothing else to add, dragon blood baths, what more can you want with a game.
  • Cool Atlantean moves. I mean DOORS has head ripping so why can’t AO. bruh fish men
  • Dark Sky seems like it should be the name of Dark Sea: The Free DLC. More birds to fight.
  • Underwater Structures. Avoid at all costs. Do not see whats down there the three sealed chests are not worth trying.
  • Book of Athena. Cool side content, hopefully not too hard to fill out but not too easy either. Thanks for the lore Vet.
  • Satyrs. Really nice idea, along with them all being Spirit Weapon users (GREEN SPIRIT AURA?) Also the size changing reagents are a nice idea can’t wait to make one of my characters short just for the sake of it.
  • Centaurs. These are just Lynels aren’t they Vetex.
  • Hopefully the Far Reaches revamp just makes islands there actually nice to explore rather than painful.
  • Epicentre content. I might finally go back there again not like I’m salty that vetex wiped my badge.
  • Dark Abyss. Thalassophobia. That’s all I’ll say.
  • Its like David and Goliath but we’re likely not called David and we have heavy exploding shells so it’s definitely not us as the underdog.

Enemy Towers

Revamped Bandit Outposts from WoM, I’m glad you can destroy it all mainly because I just want to bombard them with cannonballs. If Rising Mist bandits don’t return with unique Smoke Bows I will riot.

Player Fleets

Well that’s quite a bit to take in.

  • Hijack ships.
  • You can put your deckhands in charge of these ships. Hopefully we don’t lose their abilities when this happens, as I don’t necessarily think its a worthwhile trade.
  • Hopefully they work in a way where you can basically just sustain them with the revenue and get profit additionally to it.
  • Cool idea of Fleet Ships spawning randomly. Deckhands will finally get to fight.
  • Harvesting seems like the best way to get money.
  • Conquest seems like a big risk big reward option.
  • The idea seems cool but idk whether vetex wants it to be more of a passive thing you can have going on and upgrading (E.g. like deckhands) or an active thing (Such as an armour build)

Non-Story Bosses

Ah nice a few sidequests just to… IS THAT KING CAESAR

  • Juraserva Quest W.
  • Leviathan uses three magics, two of them being lost. Also woman, set reminder to avoid art.
  • I like the idea of her being a sort of rival throughout the story
  • Lunar Magic. Why do I feel like Vetex really likes Lunar Magic.
  • Hallbjorn. I was expecting him to be a Ghost Ship but I don’t really mind him being an actual boss. He just sails around the Jaws ig, must be pretty easy to hide with all the spires.
  • Ormolu. So are you telling me that there was some sort of monster in the Stepstones. OH REALLY.
  • King Caesar. Okay. Yeah. Thanks for the spoiler vetex.
    Also ik people have said the time curse would be to obvious but please time curse.

The Juraserva

Why is the man in a cave
how does he know about the dead man, the dead man and the monster inside the mountain.

Dragon Raids

  • Insert joke about Palo Town
  • This is actually a really cool feature. Idk what else to say about it other than PLEASE HAVE PRESET MOVEMENT PATTERNS.

Sea Monsters

  • Sentinel. Silly jellyfish. Just swims about. Oh and also gets you eaten alive.
  • Mageel. Funny eel enemy. Prometheus why did you let them use magic.
  • Flamescale. Yeah this is just that one dragon from Zelda but underwater. Sounds pretty cool though. Totally not to say anything about boat fires. But lets put Flare on a boat and send him into the Flamescale.
  • Ironclad. We’re getting ironclad whales long before ironclad boats deal with it.
  • Archturtle. Don’t hurt the archturtle.
  • Scaldclaw. You’ve seen a scaldtooth dagger but imagine that as a claw. There we go.
  • Kraken. Hey look its that shadow guy from…
    Oh nvm its eats ships.
  • Kahunama. First Abyssal beast I wonder what…

    Alpha White Eyes is REAL also the idea of it just being covered in weapons is quite cool.
  • Hagifa. Ripping ships apart. Do I need to say more.
  • What the hell will the first Apollyon beast be.

Okay bye


Content good

What happens to the community without the odyssey feed


We’re all just slowly decaying into madness please Cryo

Twice? Why?

Once to accept the quest, a second time to turn it in.

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Ohh, I totally skimmed over the quest part.

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With Dragon raids, we’ll get to live a bit of the hell Abyss Sea’s characters live.
Also imagine being a level 1 beginner and you just see a fucking dragon attack Redwake

My Shadow Paladin hoping for that Light/Shadow interaction with the weapon:

Bootleg equinox

would be really cool if pan was alive

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erm actually its a orb :nerd_face: !!!

Personnaly I dislike the idea of changing your size affecting your stats

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My main complaint was that there wasn’t enough content.

And I guess Vetex took that personally

Vetex already comfirmed that Time Curse isnt a thing

ofc, this is Vetex, which means this could have been changed already

I love and hate how true this is

The sexism is real.

You know the art made of these goobers will be cursed regardless of their gender.

The fleets would tie in really well with the clan update, your base would provide income for you to support your fleet with.

I don’t doubt the community’s ability to do so but ik that we’ll be seeing a lot more Leviathan than other characters. I’d rather all the art just be relatively normal to be honest.